Are you considering having both your wedding ceremony and reception in the same venue? If you are planning to hold a small wedding ceremony and reception in a popular destination city here is some helpful information that may assist you in making your choice.

There are a large number of possibilities for this option. Some of them are economical while others are really expensive. So, the very first thing is to decide on your budget and then look for a resort matching your requirements. Usually the kind of services available is almost the same in most of the resorts, but the difference lies in the scope of services. Some resorts offer gazebos and pool areas. These small areas are perfect for holding a small ceremony reception. Other locations offer large halls that can accommodate a huge number of guests. Similarly, some of them will let you conduct the whole wedding ceremony and reception, while others will allow only for reception.

Casino or Resort Hotel ballroom – Most convention rooms require that you draw up a contract with their catering managers. Also, most convention rooms have an occupancy that will hold from fifty to thousands of people. The contract and requirements of the conditions within each facility vary. Some convention rooms will allow you to bring in your own vendors and some will not, therefore you will need to clarify this point. Ultimately you want to be happy with the vendor list. That being said however, most convention areas offer a list of vendors to call and choose that you will need for your reception and ceremony. In convention rooms, the ceremony can be held on the dance floor and then easily torn down to transfer to the reception time. This offers the advantage of not having to transport or worry about guest making it to your reception. Due to this, it also cuts down on expense. In this situation you will be able to have a full reception with a DJ and dancing and won’t have to worry about making noise.

Casino Hotel suites – Most destination resort hotels have suites in their facilities. That being said, each will have varying amenities and sizes available. Some suites will also have an area for a wet bar that will accommodate a small set up for a reception. Most suites have ample space for a small gathering of thirty to fifty people. Ultimately you will want to do your homework and call around and ask the hotel reservation or concierge desk to recommend a suite with a terrific view of the city lights. Most concierge departments of hotels are prepared with plenty of vendor recommendations for everything you will need to have a wedding ceremony and reception in a suite. This choice may be less expensive for you in the long run as opposed to the ballroom reception. The disadvantage of the suite is that you won’t be able to hire a DJ and have a full party reception like you would with a ballroom. However, it also offers the advantage of not having to transport or worry about guest making it to your reception and hence saves money, time and worry. This may be a more affordable option if you just want a quieter get together with friends or family. You can also still listen to music and have a caterer bring in food and drinks. In the long run but is a more private option that allows plenty of time with guests with fewer restraints.

Restaurants – A lot of Restaurants are well equipped with holding receptions and quite a few will bend over backwards to let you have your ceremony and reception there. Once again you will want to call around and speak to the restaurants so that you may ask them what their prices and standards are for holding a ceremony and reception for your guests. Some restaurants will offer a buffet set up option and therefore would suit the tastes of everyone involved. Many restaurants also have excellent views of the city or even beautiful patios to accommodate both the ceremony and the reception in one area. You may pay a premium to have the privacy of using their balcony or private room for a wedding party however. You will also have time constraints with a restaurant but if you want to have a quick reception, this may be an excellent idea.

Whatever you decide you will be certain that you will be able to find the solution for holding your ceremony and reception in one area if you put in the time and effort to call and research your choices. Be certain to write down what you are looking for and the pros and cons of each before you get started on your quest.

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