At your wedding, your guests need to see you interacting naturally and lovingly. A reception line is a great place for that to happen.

Line up with your parents, invite your guests to line up to greet you and let your world see how easy you are in one another’s company and how much you know about one another’s life.

Here’s how it goes.

  • If you did your prep work for your ceremony, you’ve let everyone know who you are together and exactly why you’re so excited about being married to one another. They’re going to want to talk to you about how great your wedding ceremony was and how moved they are by your love for one another.
  • If you did your prep work for your wedding vows, you and your beloved just committed to a working document for making your marriage work – one that’s based on who you are. You’re happy and confident and in love.
  • If you’ve done the prep work for your reception line, you know who the major players are on your beloved’s side. You’ve heard all the stories and now you get all the faces.

If you’ve really prepared for all this, the wedding ceremony was the focus of the day and now you just get to celebrate, so you are relaxed and ready to meet and greet and celebrate.

A great wedding ceremony and good wedding vows will do a lot to impress people about how well you know one another and how ready you are to be happy together. They will move your community to support and celebrate you and your precious relationship. But being relaxed and comfortable in one another’s company in the reception line, moving as a couple in this moment rather than just as two individuals will reassure them in a very deep way.

People want you to be happy as individuals and as partners. Showing them that you are by your natural behavior will help them support you. Practicing and succeeding in successful “coupleness” will also reinforce your vows, to love, honor, respect and cherish one another and your marriage that grows from those vows. Because how you are in your reception line is how you want to be in your marriage. The reverse is also true. How you want to be in your marriage is how you ought to be (and will be because you’ll be gloriously happy!) in your reception line.