Flowers are beautiful, elegant and romantic – the perfect combination required for a memorable wedding. Flowers enhance the beauty of the bride; they add charm to the wedding location and spread a lovely fragrance. Wedding flowers are meant to compliment the bride and the groom. However, by choosing the right flowers, the splendor of the wedding can increase multifold.

Roses all the way

The most common weddings flowers are the eternal favorite roses. Roses have something unique and captivating about them. No matter what season your wedding takes place in, roses can be a good choice. However, the best season to use roses is spring and early summer. This is when the flowers are naturally in full bloom. Roses are available in many colors. Red, pink, white ivory and yellow are the most commonly found colors in roses. Red and pink roses are ideal for summer weddings. Nevertheless, the flowers are so beautiful, you can mix them all together and they will still look great. Whichever may be the setting of your wedding, you cannot go wrong with roses.

Exquisite lilies

Lilies are symbolic of many characters, which are apt for a bride like purity, femininity and honesty. Lilies are special as they bring a certain sophistication to the bride and the whole wedding place. In fact, you can base your entire wedding on a lily theme. Calla lily is one of the varieties of lilies used in weddings. These lilies are available in different colors like ivory, yellowish orange and bright lemon yellow. They can be used either on their own or in combination with other flowers. They hold a special niche in weddings and are loved the entire world over.

Lovely carnations

Carnations are a great choice if you are looking for a combination of affordability and beauty. Carnations are cheap. They smell great, look great, do not wilt as early as the other flowers and lend elegance to a wedding. They come in many colors and can be done up creatively to make them look more gorgeous.

How to choose flowers for a wedding?

An important factor that you should consider while choosing wedding flowers is the role they play in the wedding – they can be for the bridal bouquet, decoration of the wedding venue like churches gardens and beaches. You can choose flowers depending on the time of the year and the location of wedding. Begin with the most important requirements like bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids and then consider other requirements.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to flowers. All flowers are beautiful. What is important is consideration of other factors like budget, the quantity of flowers required and wedding flower ideas and arrangements. Flowers can be expensive, unseasonal flowers more so. You can make your wedding special by choosing seasonal flowers. For example, daffodils, orchids or amaryllis in spring, carnations or roses in summer, agapanthus or asters in autumn and pansies and tulips in winters will make a great choice. If you are confused, then you always have the eternal roses and lilies to fall back on.